Unexpected by Dulaney-Glen – Review


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Title: Unexpected

Authors: Dulaney-Glen

Release date: May 17th, 2013

Age Group: Adult

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Book Description:

Ian wasn’t ready to meet Grace Holtsen. In no way was he prepared for her. But can you ever be ready for fate to step in? Can you ever be ready to meet the one person who will change your entire existence? Ian knew that Grace would change everything he was used to, but something about her made it worth it. For the first time somebody seemed worth the risk. Will Ian jump and let fate wait for him at the bottom? Hoping that it can somehow save him…hoping that Grace can somehow save him.

I don’t think Grace is like most girls.
Maybe that’s the thing that I can’t put my finger on.
Maybe for the first time, I’ve met a girl that’s unlike
anyone that I’ve ever known.

Grace, a single mother and owner of a Nashville recording company, met Ian Paul, a recent college grad and her new employee. The moment he entered her world, it turned upside down. She knew better than anyone that a relationship with Ian would never work. He was never supposed to fit into her life, and she was never supposed to show up in his. But what happened between them was something more than either of them ever anticipated. Grace was unprepared for how bad it would hurt when they were faced with something far more unexpected.

He stole the rest of my heart tonight. I
know that no matter what happens tomorrow, or days from
now, I’ll never want it back.
I could never give it to someone else.

**My Review** 

Unexpected by Dulaney-Glen was a breath of fresh air in the contemporary romance category.  The story was everything that I love about reading romance novels – it was entertaining, laugh out loud funny, easy to read, it had amazing characters, sexual tension that you can cut with a knife and it left me wanting more.

The authors made the characters believable and attainable and along with their sexiness & charm gave them human character flaws.  Let’s face it, most of us have been down the long, winding road of love like Ian and Grace and have come out of it with bumps, bruises and bandaids.  But, in the end, somehow the love you feel for a person is always  worth fighting for – right?  You just have to choose your path, make mistakes, try to find yourself along the way and hopefully the one you love will be waiting at the end of the journey.  And, most of us, if we are lucky, have a best friend like Nina that stands by your side through it all.  Maybe he/she’s not as “fall on the floor laughing until you pee your pants” funny but a true friend and confidant nonetheless (I am especially referring to the bunny ears or should I say lack of – hehe).

Hats off to these two wonderful authors!!  I really enjoyed this book for its colorful characters, rich content, smooth reading flow and organized plot.

**5/5 Stars**

About the Authors

K. Dulaney & J. Glen, sisters & authors.

K. Dulaney was born, raised, and still resides in the Mountains of North Carolina. She is the proud mother to an amazing little boy, and happily married to her high school sweetheart. Dulaney attended Southern Universities and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Family Studies. Her passion for reading and books began at very early age, and Dulaney dreamed of one day writing stories of her own. Partnering with her sister, J. Glen, they began a journey that has exceeded their expectations and proven that through hard work and determination, that dream can be a reality.

J. Glen is a North Carolina native currently residing in a small mountainous town. She attended an East Coast university and obtained a degree in Communication and Journalism. With an interest in writing at a young age, Glen had one idea of the perfect career and now, along with the help of her sister, she’s embarking on a journey to achieve just that.

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  1. Dulaney-Glen

    Thank you for the wonderful review!!!!

  2. Thank you for participating in the tour!

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