My Interview with The Beck Brothers!! Giveaway & A Teaser from Christian’s Book

The Interview

In a quiet corner of a cozy little bar, sitting at a high-top pub table, beers in hand, sit the Beck Brothers: Henry, Sebastian, Quinn, and Christian.

JC: What are all of your favorite foods, drinks, and colors?

Henry: I love my corned-beef specials, Guinness, and my favorite color is green.

Sebastian: All food, Guinness, green.

*Henry coughs, calling Sebastian a copycat*

Sebastian: Shut up…Quinn, answer the question.

Quinn: I’m a big fan of anything Margot cooks, I like red wine, and my favorite color is black.

Sebastian: Oh, that’s a surprise. *Rolls his eyes*

Christian: Are you done? Can I answer now? Jesus…I like pizza, Pepsi, and blue.

JC: Best feature on a woman?

*Henry grins*

Henry: I’m a total tits and ass man.

Sebastian: I love long hair, gives me something to grab on to.

*Christian groans*

Sebastian: What about you Chris. What do you like?

*Christian shifts uncomfortable in his chair and looks down to pick at the label on his beer*

Christian: Uh…I like a pretty smile, I guess.

*Sebastian narrows his eyes at him*

Sebastian: You guess?

*Christian shrugs*

Christian: Yeah, whatever. Quinn, what do you like?

Quinn: Non-fidgety women.

*They all chuckle*

JC: Most memorable childhood memory – can be anything…

Sebastian: Oh man, there are too many to choose from…

Quinn: What about the first time Henry got drunk? He was like 13.

Henry: Shit, that was horrible. *Shaking his head*

*Sebastian barks out a laugh*

Sebastian: Oh my god, dude.  You were puking all over the front lawn!

Henry: Believe me, I remember. It’s burned into my brain.

Christian: Mom thought you were dying, and dad was ready to kick your ass.

Henry: Dad threatened to make me drink more if I didn’t stop throwing up.

Sebastian: That was the best!

JC: If you had to finish this statement what would you say – “If I had to do it again…”

Henry: I would not have gotten on that plane. That was the worst moment of my life.

Quinn: I would have told someone what happened to me right after it was over.

*Christian reaches over and gives Quinn’s shoulder a squeeze*

Sebastian: I would have let Quinn kill that fucker and helped bury him in the backyard.

Christian: I would have been their alibi.

JC: What is one thing that you would change about yourself?

Sebastian: Nothing, I’m perfect.

Quinn: You’re an idiot.

Sebastian: Just stating the truth.

Henry: I’d have to agree. I’m perfect, too.

Christian: Well, if you two nutjobs are perfect, than so am I. *He snorts*

Quinn: Ditto.

JC: If you had a million dollars to give away, who would you give it to and why?

Henry: I do have a million dollars to give away, but I don’t plan on giving it away all in one shot.  But if I had to, then I would probably give it to multiple children’s charities. I have a soft spot for sick kids.

Sebastian: I would give mine to the Philly police and fire departments because they desperately need it.

Quinn: Hmm, I’d have to think about it.

Christian: I’d give it to the AIDS foundation.

*Three heads turned to look at him*

Sebastian: Why?

Christian: They need it to find a cure. Do you have any idea how rampant it is in Africa?

*Sebastian nods slowly*

Sebastian: Yeah, I guess that’s a good idea.

JC: Use one word to describe how you think other people see you.

Sebastian: Badass!

*Chuckles all around*

Henry: Suave

*Sebastian chokes on beer*

Sebastian: Dude, I totally thought of Rico Suave as soon as you said that!

*They all laugh*

Quinn: Quiet.

Christian: Artistic.

JC: What is one thing you want a complete stranger to know about you?

Sebastian: I’m cool as shit.

Quinn: I think you mean arrogant.

Sebastian: More like confident.

Henry: I’m a kickass Ping-Pong player.

Sebastian: Loser.

Henry: Screw you.

Christian: I’m a good listener.

Sebastian: What?

Christian: Oh god, shut up.

Quinn: My brothers are morons.

JC: Tell me your deepest, darkest fear.

Henry: Something happening to my kids.

Sebastian: I’d have to second that.  And I really hate spiders; Rae has to kill them.

Henry: Pussy.

Sebastian: Man, they creep me the hell out! And if one jumps at me, fucking forget it, I’m out!

Christian: It’s sad to say, but my biggest fear would be losing these whack jobs. *Motions to his brothers*

Sebastian: Aw wittle brother, we wove you too.

*Christian sighs heavily and rolls his eyes*

Quinn: I…uh…I’m afraid of cats.

Henry: Cats? *Raising eyebrow in question*

Quinn: They’re evil.

JC: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what is the one thing that you would want to have with you?

Quinn: Food.

Christian: Paint and canvases.

Henry: My phone.

Sebastian: My fleshlight.

Quinn: Your what?

Sebastian: Fleshlight.  You know, the sex toy? Rae got me one, and let me tell you…if she couldn’t be there for me to have sex with, then I want the fleshlight.

Christian: Oh my fucking god. I do not want to hear about this!

Henry: It’s really that good?

Sebastian: Hell yeah! It feels amazing.

Henry: I’ll have to get Claire to buy me one.

Sebastian: Seriously…Quinn, you should get one, too.

Quinn: Why? You trying to have a fleshlight party or something? No thanks.

JC: Sebastian, what is the meaning behind your tattoos? And does anyone else have tattoos?  And if so, where?

Sebastian: Jeeze, I have too many tattoos to go into detail about, but the one on my back is my assassin alter ego. His name is Darkness.

Quinn: You are insane.

*Sebastian shrugs and grins mischievously*

Quinn: I just have the one on my back between my shoulder blades, and it’s the Chinese symbol for Strength.

Henry: I’ve been thinking about getting one for the kids.

Christian: I don’t have any, and I don’t really want them either.

JC: Christian, can you see yourself getting married?

*Christian shifts again in his chair and swallows hard*

Christian: I would like to get married, yes.

JC: Henry, what is your greatest accomplishment and biggest disappointment?

Henry: My greatest accomplishment would have to be becoming a father, and I can’t say that I really have had any big disappointments in my life.  Except maybe finding out about what happened to Quinn.

JC: Favorite superhero?

 Christian: I always liked Superman.

Sebastian: I like the Hulk. “You won’t like me when I’m angry.” *Sebastian chuckles* That always makes me laugh.

Quinn: My favorite is Thor.

Henry: I’m an Ironman guy.

JC: Christian, what do you see for yourself in the future?

Christian: Hopefully, happiness and acceptance.

Quinn: What is that supposed mean?

Christian: Nothing, don’t worry about it; I was just answering the question, she didn’t ask me to explain.

JC: If you could choose to own one material item, no matter what the cost, what would you choose and why?

Christian: I would like to own an original Van Gogh painting, or something along those lines, just because it would be awesome.

Henry: I’d like to own a sailboat someday, maybe whenever I retire and move to Florida. A sailboat on the Delaware really isn’t that appealing.

Sebastian: You would leave me and move to Florida just so you can have a sailboat?

Henry: I never said you couldn’t come to visit.

*Sebastian gaped at Henry, who laughed*

Quinn: I would buy a plane so that Margot could visit her family any time she wants.

Sebastian: I would buy a new brother who loves me and would never leave me.

JC: Henry and Sebastian, what concerns you the most about the world we live in today?

Sebastian: The possibility of another world war.

Henry: Hmm, yeah, that is a concern, especially for our families. What if it happens when our boys are old enough to be drafted?

Sebastian: Or zombies.

*Henry slowly turns his head to look at his brother*

Henry: I can’t believe you just said that and ruined a perfectly serious moment.

*Sebastian smirked*

Sebastian: Sorry, you were getting too real for me.

JC: First sexual experience?

Sebastian: Oooh! My first time was when I was 15 with this girl who was pretty much sleeping with all of the guys in our class. I think she’s actually a porn star now, but anyway, she gave me my first blowjob.  Then, after I recovered from that, she wanted to have sex, so of course I agreed. It was over in like a minute and a half, but overall it was a good experience.

Henry: I was 17, and it was with my girlfriend at the time. I tried to be all romantic about it, lighting candles and shit. We were both virgins and I had no idea what I was doing. I ended up hurting the hell out of her and she never wanted to have sex with me again. We broke up about a month later.

Quinn: I was 20 and it is not something I care to repeat.

Sebastian: That bad huh?

Quinn: Yes.

Christian: I plead the fifth.

Sebastian: Is that because you’re still a virgin?

Christian: No! It’s too personal, that’s all.

*Sebastian leans in toward Henry*

Sebastian: I bet you twenty bucks he’s still a virgin.

Christian: I can hear you, asshole.

JC: Favorite thing to do?

Christian: Paint and play my guitar.

Sebastian: I like to practice my shooting and also bust some balls.

Quinn: Oh, we know that is one of your favorite things to do.

*Sebastian snickers*

Quinn: I would have to say working out is my favorite thing to do.

Henry: Spending time with my kids.

*Sebastian makes a gagging sound*

Sebastian: You are such a sap.

JC: What was the last book you read?

Henry: I don’t have time to read.

Sebastian: The last thing I read was a gun magazine.

Christian: The last thing I read was a book on paintbrush techniques.

Quinn: I read 50 Shades of Grey recently.

Sebastian: What?

Quinn: Margot made me; she loves romance novels, and said that I had to read at least one, so I chose that one since everyone is talking about it. It was actually pretty good, got my blood pumping.

Sebastian: Wow…just wow.

The interview takes just under 2 hours – I laughed so hard that I nearly cried several times and as I go to stand up my sides hurt and I am pretty sure I may have wet myself just a little.  As we are saying our thank you’s and goodbye’s Christian pauses and secretly hands me a piece of paper.  I stare at him questionably and that is when he says, “this will explain a little as to why I seemed uncomfortable and short with my answers”.

A Teaser from Christian *unedited and subject to change*

Shea walked over to the table and set his mug down before moving to stand behind Christian. He placed his hands on Christian’s shoulders and started to knead them. The tension in them was incredible. He had no idea how Christian dealt with his shoulders being this tight all of the time. 

“Dude, you need to relax,” Shea murmured. 

 “You don’t understand, Shea. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this with you, and then out of nowhere, all of my dreams are coming true.  I’m just having a hard time thinking this is real.”

 Shea yanked Christian’s chair out from the table to give himself room to straddle Christian’s lap. Christian stared up at him with wide eyes as Shea threw his leg over and sat down on his lap, facing him. Christian swallowed hard as Shea leaned in close and whispered, “How’s this for real?” before kissing Christian passionately. 


Christian sucked in a sharp breath through his nose and clutched fistfuls of the front of Shea’s shirt. Shea found that there wasn’t much difference between kissing a guy or a girl; a girl’s lips might be a bit softer, and they usually weren’t as aggressive or had stubble on their faces, but other than that, it was the same.  However, Shea couldn’t say that it was the same because of the feelings he was experiencing. When he kissed Tara, the girl he had been seeing, he felt nothing compared to kissing Christian. It was crazy the way his mind fogged and his heart fluttered. No woman has ever done that to him. 


Shea shoved his hands into Christian’s silky hair and tilted his head so that he could kiss him deeper. Christian moaned, his hands snaking around to Shea’s ass, where he grabbed it and pulled Shea closer. Shea could feel Christian’s erection against his own. Whoa! He hadn’t even realized that he was hard! He was just so into the kiss, he hadn’t noticed.  Shea tore his mouth away from Christian’s. They sat there panting, their eyes locked on each other. 

 “Wow, that was hot, “Shea rasped. 

 “I’d have to agree.” Christian breathed. 

 “Was that real enough for you?” asked Shea, eyebrow cocked in question. 


 “Good, I’m your boyfriend now, Chris, don’t forget it,” said Shea, giving Christian a pointed look. 

 Christian smiled softly. “Alright.”






Christian kept his eyes on Shea as he got up off his lap. He didn’t want Shea to go, but he didn’t want to scare him away either by trying to do more than kiss. Christian wasn’t exactly convinced that Shea was going to be able to do more than that. He had said last night that being with another guy kind of freaked him out, so Christian wasn’t going to get his hopes up about this relationship. He had a feeling he was in for a world of heartache. 


Shea sat down in the chair to Christian’s left and took a sip of his coffee. He started talking, but Christian wasn’t fully listening.  He was watching Shea’s full lips and imagining them wrapped around… Good Lord, it has been way too long since he’d had sex.  He was dying to get Shea in bed; he has been fantasizing about it for over two years now. The things he wanted to do to this man… shit, sometimes Christian scared himself just thinking about it. 


Shea snapped his fingers in front of Christian’s face, making him start. “Chris, did you even hear a word I said?” Shea asked, his eyes dancing with amusement. 

 “Huh? Sorry, no, I wasn’t listening,” Christian muttered with a sheepish grin. 

 “Yeah, I know. You’ve been staring hungrily at my mouth the entire time.”  Shea  chuckled. 

 Christian blushed. “I was not,” he mumbled and sipped his coffee. 

 Shea laughed. “Come on, Chris, you can’t lie to me. You looked like you were starving and you wanted to devour my lips.”


Christian closed his eyes and fought back the swirl of desire in his gut. He wanted to do that and more, and if Shea didn’t shut the hell up, he was going to attack him right here on the kitchen table. 

 “When’s the last time you had sex?” Shea asked quietly. 

 Christian’s eyes flew open and stared at Shea. “I don’t know, why?” he said quickly. 

 “I think you’ve been deprived.” Shea smirked mischievously. 


Christian couldn’t deny it, he was deprived, and it was his own fault. Ever since realizing that he was in love with Shea, sex with anyone else just wasn’t appealing. Now that Shea was his boyfriend, he didn’t want to wait any longer – he wanted sex, and he wanted it right now. But he would hold back, because Shea needed to go slow.  He needed time to adjust, and there was no guarantee that he would enjoy it. 


Christian had been with a couple girls when he was younger, just to make sure he was truly gay, which he was. He had been able to get off, but it was nowhere near as satisfying as when he was with a guy. Not that women weren’t beautiful or whatever, but he was attracted to men. That’s who really turned him on, who really got his blood pumping. And Shea…well, Shea set his blood on fire. 

 Shea stood, finished off his coffee then grabbed Christian’s hand and gave it a tug. Christian looked up at him. “What?” he asked cautiously.

 “Come on, let’s give you some relief,” Shea murmured, his dark eyes serious. 

 “Wha…I…are you sure?” Christian stuttered.


Shea gave him a bored look and tugged his hand a little harder. Christian got up from the table and let Shea lead him into the living room. Shea shoved him down onto the couch then crawled on top of him. He planted a hand next to Christian’s head while the other skimmed up Christian’s bare side and over his chest to cup the side of his face. Shea then leaned down and kissed him languidly. Christian let his hands wander as this was the first time he was getting to explore Shea’s body in a sexual way. 


The first thing Christian did was unbutton Shea’s dress shirt that he still had on from last night. They worked together to get it off, then Shea pulled off the white wife beater he had on underneath, only breaking their kiss to pull it over his head. Christian moaned as he let his hands glide over Shea’s flat stomach. Oh God, he loved the feel of Shea’s skin. Shea dragged his mouth down to Christian’s neck then dropped his body down to lie completely on Christian, as he sucked and licked at his neck. Christian hissed as his skin started to burn wherever Shea was touching him. Jesus, he was ready to explode. He was so hard that it was becoming painful. 


“Shea…touch me…please.” Christian gasped. 


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28 responses to “My Interview with The Beck Brothers!! Giveaway & A Teaser from Christian’s Book

  1. I do not have a favorite Beck brother as I have not had the chance to read the books

  2. Amy

    It’s hard to choose a favorite. I think I would say Sebastian. I also like Christian and can’t wait for his book.

  3. This is my first introduction to the Beck brothers, but just from reading the character interview, I’d have to say my favorite is Sebastian!

  4. Lauren Alumbaugh

    I love all of the brothers. But I think Sebastian is the winner. Although I do love gay men! This is an amazing series, I hope it never ends

  5. i have read everyone so far and they are great

  6. my favorite was quinn so far by the way

  7. I have read all 3 Beck Brothers books. I’m waiting on pins and needles for Christian & Shea book. If I had to pick a favorite, I would pick Quinn. His story made me cry. All 3 stories made me laugh and cry, but Quinn touched my heart.

  8. Amanda M.

    Henry 🙂 major swoon

  9. heather

    I have read all 3 and loved them all waiting on Christians story. I don’t really have a favorite loved them all.

  10. Jessica Joe

    That was awesome..really enjoy reading the there books.
    Thanks guys!! Your awesome!

  11. I don’t have a favorite yet because I have yet to read about them, but I can’t wait to dive in and figure it out!!

  12. I love the Beck Brothers. Sebastian makes me laugh.

  13. Jess Macleod

    It was great to find a series of books with such a good plot line. Choosing between the books I would say Quinn is my favorite character but Henry was my favorite book

  14. Jessica Miller

    Love the Beck brothers. But did anythinf happen to their dad because i did not see him an the end of Christians book

  15. I have read all four books. Loved, Loved the series. Don’t have a favorite book to choose from, but if you ask me to pick a brother I would have to say Sebastian. Love that hard bad ass. All the brothers are very sexy and loveable. What woman would not want a Beck Brother.

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