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Cover Reveal – Love on a Killer Cruise by A.N. Busch


Happy Birthday to Sarah! Turning twenty-six and divorcing Brandon – her high school sweetheart – on the same day. With all of her plans for the future out the window, she tries her best to be content in a small apartment with her two cats.
As the months go by her best friends, Tanya and Jenny, start setting her up on blind dates. After enough bad experiences Sarah refuses to let either of them pick a man for her again. When Jenny sees an ad from a local travel agency – a chance to win a ten-day trip on a single’s cruise – without thinking, or asking, she enters Sarah’s name. Now Sarah is the winner of something she doesn’t want. With an enormous amount of pressure from her friends to go and nothing to lose, she packs her bags.
The night of her twenty-seventh Birthday she meets Gabriel, a man she learns has as much baggage as she does. They make a promise to help each other let go of the past and it doesn’t take long before she lets him into her bed and her heart. Women start showing up dead, sad accidents may be to blame but Sarah finds out that some of the crew doesn’t think that is the case. The scary part is that they bare a striking resemblance to her. Sarah really gets worried when she is the person to uncover the third body and it is defiantly no accident after the security camera recording is looked at.

The number of dead women keeps rising and to make matters worse the ship has stopped moving – broken-down in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Every time a woman is murdered Gabriel’s whereabouts are in question. Sarah finds herself hopelessly lost at sea with a killer. She doesn’t want to believe it but could it be the man she has fallen madly in love with is a killer? Could she be the next to die?

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The Literary Dark Emperor aka Author Nathan Squires – My Reviews


If you have not read anything by Nathan Squires you are seriously missing out!! His writing is some of the best I have ever seen.  Yes, some may find his stories dark and a little disturbing but they are extremely creative & entertaining and always have a deeper meaning.  Check out my recent reviews of 3 of his short stories.  I am currently reading Crimson Shadow Noir about a vampire, Xander Stryker, who has some uncanny resemblance to Mr. Squires!

Forbidden Paints on a Wicked Canvas


A Howl at the Moon

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My review – Tempest (Scribes of Medeisia Book II) by R.K. Ryals



One corner of Kye’s lips quirked upward, his hand taking mine. He turned it over, his fingers playing slowly across my palm. I should have pulled away, but I didn’t. 

“You will never change, will you, Stone? You will never accept that some must be lost for much to be gained.”

I shook my head, my eyes on his fingers as they traced the lines of my hands. It was a curious sensation, and warmth unfurled in the pit of my stomach, lighting a fire that heated every corner of my body. 

“Should I change?” I whispered hoarsely. 

Kye’s smile grew. “No, you keep us balanced. I keep the rebels fighting for freedom, and you keep us all humble.” 

I forced my eyes away from my palm. How was I supposed to think when he was drawing shapes like that on my skin? I tugged on my hand. Kye refused to let go. 

“You’ve forgiven me,” he stated. 

It wasn’t a question, and his boldness with my hand made me bold as well. I lifted my free hand, reaching tentatively for his face. He watched me, his eyes alert, his breathing stilled. 

My finger touched the scar on his temple, and he exhaled, his eyes closing. The fingers he’d been drawing circles with on my palm froze. 

“So many scars,” I breathed. “You had enough without my hatred.”

My Review – 5/5 stars!!

Book II continues the story of Drastona, a scribe and mage with the power to talk to the trees & animals, as she and her new friends  attempt to thwart an assassination attempt, that if it succeeds, will thrust Medeisia and Sadeemia into a bloody and violent war.  They must travel across Ardus, an unforgiving desert wrought with danger, in order to reach the Sadeemian King in hopes that he will help them in their plans to free the persecuted people of Medeisia from evil King Raemon.  Along the way, they meet an unexpected adversary and together face what lies ahead while also forging bonds that are not so easily broken.  I invite you to delve into a world full of fantasy and mystical creatures. A world forged out of love and loss, happiness and sadness, hope and despair – dark and light.

Tempest – Scribes of Medeisia Book II by R.K. Ryals has to be one of the most emotionally powerful, extremely well written, and highly imaginative books that I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  It was absolutely breath-taking and left me with a swirling mix of emotions – sadness, elation, pride, loyalty, love, fear etc.  I felt the emotions of the characters in the story and that is a testament to the amazing writing capabilities of the author!

I could go on and on about what I loved about this book and how R.K. Ryals has quickly become one of my favorite authors but I will let you, the next reader, discover this on your own.  My only complaint, and I use that word super lightly, is that I devoured it so quickly and, although when I came to the end no questions were left unanswered, it left me wanting so much more.  I cannot wait to follow Drastona and her fellow rebels to the next adventure wherever it may lead them.  I have this strange feeling that they will “overcome and prevail”.

“For out of the ashes of devastation will arise a phoenix, an omen, a child born under the Harvest Moon,” Cadeyrn recited, his breath stirring the small hairs along my neck.  It was the prophecy, the lines from the Book of Truth.  “This child,” Cadeyrn whispered, “will be born of forbidden magic, born to bring two nations together.”

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Forbidden Paints on a Wicked Canvas (Crimson Shadow) by Nathan Squires


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Little Orphan Anvil by Joseph Beekman


My Review Link – Book 1


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The Luck of the Weissensteiners (The Three Nations Trilogy Book 1) by Christoph Fischer


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New Cover Reveal – The Kiss by Joann H. Buchanan





Joann H. Buchanan

I love to laugh and spend time with my family and friends.  My dream is to make a living being a novelist.  I can’t wait to see what the days ahead have to offer.  I feel like I have been blessed in many ways, however winning the lotto isn’t one of them.

I’m always searching for ways to bring more balance with my life, and to be honest I probably rarely succeed, because it is so chaotic.  I love my life though because it is full of laughter and fun.  I will keep searching for the unexpected everyday things that make my life worth living…

I’m a writer…I’m sure there are tons of those out there.  What better thing to do in life than to create something for nothing.  I live by a few mottos, Make it work is one of them.  I was saying that looong before Tim Gunn made it famous.  The other thing I live by is, “Above all else, entertain.” That’s what an author does. If I haven’t entertained you, then I haven’t done my job.

The love of the written word is like a drug.  A single thought can turn into miles across the ocean or a night in bed with someone you love.  They are the very essence of my soul; I breathe them in everyday just to live.  My heroes aren’t the people who are rich and famous.  They are the ones that aren’t afraid to tattoo my heart with the words they write.  The shadows between the pages are undiscovered worlds and minds of the person who writes them.

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